Interchangeable Signage – for bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms


Find Signage is the original design created specifically for the cognitive issues typically experienced by people with dementia. Find established the standard that is now in extensive use throughout the UK and is available in translated versions in Europe and in the USA.

No-one makes signs like Find – The appearance unique and so is the construction. Sophisticated production techniques and high-quality materials create robust, non-reflective, anti-bacterial, tactile signage designed to withstand all the rigours of the most demanding care environments.

Investing in Find signage is the most cost-effective, long-term solution for providing reliable, visual orientation aids.



The over-riding benefit of effective signage is people can find their way around an unfamiliar environment with minimal difficulty, stress and anxiety. This is of special relevance when someone has dementia or other conditions that affect cognitive and visual capabilities. Of particular importance is the ability for the user to find a toilet and to find their own room – their home.

Find designs have proven to be exceptionally effective.

Furthermore, it is essential this type of signage is durable enough to withstand the rigours of demanding environments to ensure it is always ‘there’ when people have come to rely on it.


  • Clearer and easier to understand than any other sign design
  • Multi-sensory recognition – pictorial, touch, colour
  • Designed specifically to cater for the 7 key cognitive factors that typically influence people with dementia
  • Anti-bacterial, fire rated materials suitable for all situations


  • Standard – Our original dementia-specific product design. Particularly apt for Care Home use has every design feature we would seek to incorporate into a truly dementia-specific sign. It’s a very tough, non-reflective, clear, tactile sign that communicates it’s message in several different ways that all make it easier to understand. In a choice of three different sizes this is the most effective product for long term performance in a care home setting.
  • Hygenus – This style of sign has all the same features as the Standard product but is specifically for hospitals and uses materials that meet infection control standards. It also uses a face fixing method with Poly-cap coloured screws.
  • Budget Signage – Our brand new budget range provides the opportunity to use Find’s exceptional sign designs at a budget price without the need to resort to an inferior product. Manufactured with a high quality image on a 3mm fire-rated substrate, it’s an ideal product for low traffic area’s (a doctors surgery for example) where they are unlikely to have the tactile and durability demands of a care home. Alternatively, they are a low-cost way to test the effectiveness of Find designs prior to investing in the full-specification product. Please specify if the sign needs to be self-adhesive or face fixed.
  • Self-adhesive – Available in Small only, this style is suitable for low-traffic area’s and is particularly useful on sliding toilet doors (as it is only 1mm thick). It is also an option for visitors centres or in a person’s own home where permanent signage may be appropriate. The fixing method is self-adhesive and will be likely to damage decor if removed, intentionally or otherwise.
  • Temporary self-adhesive – Designed for temporary use in a day-centre, dementia cafe or conference setting for example, the Temporary signs use the same dynamics of colour and images as our highly effective Standard range of signage. Essentially a high-tech’ sticker, the Temporary signs are printed onto a light-weight material with a special adhesive on the reverse that will adhere to most surfaces for as long as required, then remove cleanly, without causing damage. The signs are supplied on a backing sheet on which the signs can be stored when not in use. 
  • Extra – Care –Designed to be dementia-friendly as opposed to dementia-specific, this design is particularly appropriate for homes and facilities where dementia is not the determining factor but clarity and personalisation are important, such as an Extra Care home. This design introduces some of dementia specific features whilst retaining a unique ‘up-market’ style. Using the durable non-reflective qualities of our Standard design, the sign is tactile and hygienic and allows for that important element of personalisation. There is also a facility to display a coloured indicator to assist the emergency services in case of a fire. 
  • Hotel – The Hotel design is for facilities which function like a hotel and where more flexibility in style and colour is desired and dementia isn’t a dictating factor. The signs feature colour-contrast and clear type yet allow for more harmonisation with an interior design.
  • LD Signage – When it comes to signage design, the uniquely robust construction of the Hygenus product is perfect for environments that cater for people with Autism and LD. The demands on this product can be very high so the robustness and face-fixing method is highly appropriate. Not only is the construction important, but the features are too so these signs are tactile, securely fixed and non-reflective. We have also teamed up with Easy on the i to incorporate their pictorial language into the signage and make the designs appropriate for LD environments.
  • All Find signage is made to order in our own factory. This allows for variations in design when required. If our standard products don’t meet your need, we can create custom designs to our customers specifications.

With Respect To Braile

Braille is available on request at additional cost.  In our experience it may only be beneficial to someone who has used Braille from a very young age. Even then, there are other factors which may determine Braille is no longer suitable, such as loss of fingertip sensitivity.

Find signs are designed to be a unique shape so that people who can only ‘read’ by touch can confidently identify the sign.

VAT Relief Eligible – No


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