Ultimate Toilet Seat


Designed and manufactured exclusively for Find, the Ultimate Toilet Seat  is the latest addition to our range.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to fit-and-forget with Sta-tite fixings.


Designed with Dementia in mind, this seat is packed full of dementia-friendly properties and is suitable for even the heaviest use area’s.

Trialled in airports and football grounds, the hinges have been tried and tested in the toughest environments to ensure they will withsatnd the rigours of daily use in hospitals and care homes.

The high contrast colours options of Red or Blue  ensure the seat stands out against its surroundings to ensure everyone can see where the toilet is and use it confidently.

The smooth, seamless profile ensures there are no corners or sharp edges that can cause injury.

Sta-tite fixings work brilliantly to secure the seat and ensure it never comes loose and the Easy-Lift hinges allow swift removal and replacement of the seat to facilitate thorough cleaning of all those -hard-to-reach area’s that harbour germs under any other seat.

We dont think there is a better seat available anywhere with so many appropriate features built into one product.

Composite core

Matt / non-reflective finish

Seamless, smooth edges all round

High usage cast, non-tarnish, chromed hinges

Easy-lift removable fixings

Sta-tite secure fitting

Colours – Red or Blue

Using this high contrast seat offers more benefits than any other product on the market.

The high contrast colours make the seat visible even to an aging eye which is important when you want someone to be able to find and use the toilet confidently and independently. It’s also equally important that they can see the toilet so it doesn’t become an obstacle to fall over! A fall in the toilet or bathroom carries a high probability of falling against something hard and resulting in injury so this is really important.

We’ve all knocked the seat or lid down on a toilet at some time and winced at the ‘clatter’ it makes. Noise is a big issue for many people with dementia so the soft close hinges on this product complete;y prevent this from evver occurring and their heavy duty design ensures they should never be a problem,

Another potential hazard is walking into the toilet seat edge and this can really hurt if there’s a hard, sharp edge, especially if you have older, thinner skin that will bruise easily too!  So we’ve designed this seat to have deep, rounded edges that reduce the risk of injury from any kind of collission with any part of the toilet seat.

The seat is finished in a matt colour to make sure there aren’t any challenging reflections to deal with.

Nearly every problem with any toilet seat begins when it starts to come lose. The more it moves, the worse it gets and this will usually conclude with the hings or the seat breaking. Then it’s never a welcome job to have to remove the old seat and fit a new one.  The unique sta-tite fixings designed for this seat prevent it from coming loose and causing all those annoying problems. Furthermore, if the seat does need replacing for any reason, the Easy-lift fittings allow the seat to be removed and replaced with a couple of clicks, which not only makes the job simple, it also allows for the toilet and underside of the seat to be cleaned proeprly, making this one of the most hygienic solutions you can buy.


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